30 May 2013

Home, Sweet Home

Thought I was gone forever?

You should be so lucky!

Nope, still here, still unpacking boxes and settling in. But the sewing room is mostly set up and I'm back at my machine because I desperately need some sewing time.

The move was good and bad. The bad: getting a 24-hour stomach flu three days after we moved in, which meant I spent an entire day in bed, followed by my husband spending an entire day in bed. The really bad: my sweet mother-in-law, who watched all five kids the first move in day and the baby the second, had a heart-attack the third day (same day I was SUPER sick). She had surgery and is home now and we are pulling our hair out trying to get her to slow down a bit and rest. Which means she is fine.

The good: this view from my sewing machine:

It's not a big backyard, but that concrete RV pad and patio might be 95% of the reason we chose this house. It's huge and the kids can ride bikes and scooters all the livelong day. And they do. And I get to watch! The shed is their clubhouse and we're equipped with sidewalk chalk and bubbles for now. Swimming pool to come!

The better: the view from this door:

Our house is single-level, set up in a giant L. So at the short side of the L is the family room (which will be the schoolroom) and my sewing room. The bedrooms are in the other wing (makes me feel so Downton Abbey to have a "wing"). I love that it's separate from the rest of the living space, but still in the middle of it all. Does that make sense? And I can sew late at night or early in the morning without waking anyone up!

I inaugurated my sewing room by cutting my Glamping hexies with my Go! cutter. I might have had two little helpers who ruined 12 blocks while I ran to the store. Note to self: shut the door!

And now I'm working on a Happy-Go-Lucky Briar Rose quilt. I finished the 16-patch blocks before the move, so I just have to do the X-blocks.


  1. Welcome back, Jennie, soooooooooo sorry to read about all the sickness and MIL's hear attack :( Hope everyone gets healthy and you are happy in your new home ... great view :)

  2. Bubbles are the best for kids. I swear by those inexpensive little bottles of liquid gold. Hours of fun!

    Adore Downton Abbey I just started really getting into it. I am in the 2nd season, 6 or 7th episode in on Hulu.

    Your hexies are pretty dang adorable as well:)

  3. Welcome home! Try chalk paint for the kiddos - 1 part cornstarch to 1 1/2 water and color as desired with food coloring. My kids spend hours painting our patio :-)

  4. Love glamping. And what a great patio and sewing space!

  5. HI!!!! Glad all is going better!!! Beautiful home and back yard!!!! Great to have your sewing room again!!!!

  6. glad the move is over... now to settle in. I usually find that it takes a full year to really settle in. We get unpacked and give everything a home, then after living that way for a bit, gradually tweak it to get it better. I hope settling for you is quick.

    lov the view from the sewing room.


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