16 August 2013

Binding, binding, binding!

I tend to do the quasi-unpleasant tasks in bulk. I'd rather spend one day making a bunch o' bindings than do them as I go. Just how I roll.

Also, with my sewing room becoming a guest room for the weekend (hooray for a visit from Gran and Opa!), I can't do much that will mess it up again. And it's so pretty and clean.

So here are all the bindings I'm going to sew together today:

A gob of them, that's for sure. Never fear, Downton Abbey will keep me company!

Have a lovely weekend. No sewing planned for me (maybe some embroidery in the evenings), but we're going to be busy little beavers nonetheless.


  1. Now that's an efficient quilter! Enjoy your visitors :)

  2. I have a plastic storage box full of reels of binding. Every time I finish a quilt and make the binding I make double what I need. I also buy suitable fabric in the sales just to make binding. It is amazing how much time it saves when somebody wants a quilt in a hurry.


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