12 August 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Falling for Montana in a Big Sky Way

Back to the land of hot showers (any shower at all!), non-charred food, and a comfortable bed. But I loved our trip to Montana. So much so, in fact, that I kept asking my husband if he could live there.

Couldn't you?

We saw beavers, big horned sheep, eagles, osprey, hawks, pelicans, herons, a rattlesnake (could have gone a long time without seeing that one), grizzly bears (in captivity - no worries) and wolves (also in captivity). We didn't get to see any of the three moose that live near the campground, but it just means we'll have to go back!

I did realize something though. It got ever so cold at night, and the sleeping bags just weren't enough (especially considering my kids kept creeping out of them!). I need some camping quilts. Some bright, super scrappy, warm, durable camping quilts. At least three or four of them. So that's my goal this winter.

Okay, but this isn't a travel blog, so I'll stop boring you. Here's what I finished up during the long hours in the van (yes, I know it desperately needs ironing - I'm still wading through a mountain of laundry right now though!):

This is the fifth one, out of twelve. Gotta get more done I guess!

I also finished up that giant hexie flimsy before we left.

And now, this week:
  • Bake and submit fair entries (this is mostly today and tomorrow)
  • Transfer a new Halloween embroidery
  • Baste and start quilting my Gypsy Girl patchwork
That's all, because my parents are coming for a visit on Friday, so Saturday will be spent playing at the fair and the lake with them. And Friday will be spent cleaning. And my little Superman turns four on Wednesday and we're going to the zoo. And my husband is leaving Friday for 10 days. So when exactly am I going to get anything done . . . .


  1. When indeed, Jen?! Montana looks divine: thanks for sharing. Have fun with the folks :)

  2. Montana looks lovely! My kinda country. Here in Australia we have many wide open spaces, big skies like that too. Do you follow Thelma's blog Cupcakes and Daisies? She's just put together that stitchery quilt too.


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