09 September 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Getting Ready!

There is so much I want to do this week, but I've got to restrain myself and make careful plans.

So this is me controlling myself.
  • Cut a project or two to take with me to Sewing Summit
  • Borders on Posy Jewel Box flimsy and HGL snowballs and nine patches
  • Clean up my sewing room!
I have my wonderful friend and her 6 daughters visiting next Monday through Wednesday, and I leave Thursday, so I've got to have just about everything done before Saturday. We're going to piece at least two quilt tops for her while she's here, and the sewing room is the guest room by night, so things have to be in order.

Am I crazy to take a quilt top to work on at Sewing Summit? There are three nights of open sewing in the Bernina Sewing Rooms. I'm pretty sure I could do it, maybe even two. That's a lot of hours of sewing time, after all!

And for today's picture, here's my On A Whim flimsy, all bright and happy in the sunshine:

Adding it to my stack o' flimsies (this pile is getting ridiculously high, but I'm on the schedule to head over to my SIL's house to start quilting on the long-arm. Can't wait! But after Sewing Summit.


  1. I'm thinking of bringing a quilt to sewing summit. All that time to sew without having to get someone a snack! I bet I won't even have to take anyone to the potty!

  2. Love your bright and happy flimsy. I think you could get a quilt top pieced in three nights. Easy! Imagine all that quiet time without kids.


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