02 October 2013

A Miracle! I'm Well!

Subtitle: the healing properties of fabric

I'm not faking this.

I was miserable with a capital M on Monday (and the days before that!). Constant headache. Like, wake up with one and it never goes away.

Then yesterday morning my dad goes in to the hospital with some mysterious memory loss/dementia. It was a crazy day of contacting relatives and praying for the best. (side note: he's fine thank goodness!)

And today I'm fine.

It might be because I stopped thinking about myself.

Or it could be the healing properties of fabric. I had to do a little shopping and I found these FQs on sale:

And bought some Moda Bella Solids (which were SO hard to find locally!):

Then I hauled my entourage to JoAnn's with coupon in hand to buy a new cutting mat. Mini product review: never, ever, ever buy a Fiskars cutting mat. The reversible one. Total junk. I cut through the mat. In three months of use.Yep. On the zero line, where you square up your fabric? Totally cut through. See:

On both sides. Now, I use my mats quite a bit, but I've never had this problem with an Olfa mat. So I bought myself another big Olfa mat and will never cheat on Olfa again. Ever.

I've got more stuff ordered, mostly more solids to finish borders on finished quilts. And oh, you should see these babies! So excited to show them to you. But Friday. We'll go with Friday and finished flimsies and all.

Thank you for your well wishes. I'm not at 100%, but it's nicer to be at 80% or so than where I was. Time to get prepping for my semi-annual fabric cutting fest. More 'splaining on that here.


  1. I am glad you are feeling better :)
    Glad your dad is ok :)
    xoxo melzie
    ps your blog layout is very pretty :)

  2. Glad you and your Dad are ok! Great purchases - what you going to make with all that loveliness?And that'll learn you indeed not to cheat on Mr Olfa :D

  3. I had a headache last week for two days straight,but mine was due to being pregnant. Not fun though since all I could take was Tylenol. I feel your pain! Glad we are both better!

    I agree on the Fiskar cutting mat as well. Garbage for sure. Olfa is the way to go.

    Have fun with your new fabrics!!

  4. Glad you're feeling better. I've had that reversible mat for over a year now and been just fine. But then again, I hardly ever use the same line for anything - I use the ruler markings far more than the mat markings, so most of my cuts don't follow any line, maybe that's why.


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