31 March 2013

Let Me 'Splain

I think my oldest girl has a bit of a crush on Ricky Ricardo. She's a HUGE "I Love Lucy" fan and we just crack up when they make fun of the way Ricky talks. And I love it when Lucy says, "Start 'splainin'."

So I'll start 'splainin'.

I'm a Mormon. A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Happy Easter! I hope today is a wonderful day for you and your families. I'm spending the day home with my two youngest. My little man Henry has "polka dots" all over his body. Not sure what this rash is from, but he really can't be at church looking like that. I don't like to share germs. Still, we are reading the Easter story together and listening to sacred music.

What does that have to do with quilting?

Well, twice a year, we have the opportunity to hear from the leadership of our church during what we call General Conference. When I was a kid, it meant going to the church four times in one weekend to watch it via satellite broadcast. Worst weekend of my childhood. I didn't get how awesome it was until I was a teenager.

Now, with the blessings of the internet, I can watch the broadcasts from the comfort of my home. I can keep my kids busy with special coloring pages, and we play conference bingo and it's awesome. But now that I'm a mom, and always tired, I find that their soothing voices (no fire and brimstone style sermons here) are very soporific. Add in a comfy couch and I'm in trouble. I've fallen asleep a few too many times.

So I struck on a brilliant idea. I cut fabric at the kitchen counter, which offers me a view of the TV and keeps me awake. I can listen, take notes and get a very tedious, sometimes boring, process out of the way. Win-win!

So here's my stuff I'm going to cut for the weekend:
  • Sashing for my Ready Set Snow quilt
  • Sub-cut for my Sweet Divinity quilt
  • Glamping FQ bundles - big hexies!
  • Glamping FQ bundle - Touch of Whimsy pattern
  • Hello Sunshine sub-cut and trimming
  • Flirt Briar Rose quilt
I've got a few others in case these don't last through four 2-hour sessions.

And at the end of the weekend, I've been seriously spiritually edified, and I've got projects prepped to boot. Love the efficiency of it. I do have to make sure I'm not cutting anything that requires too much brain work. I really do want to focus on what is being said.


  1. Happy Easter Jennie! I think you had a brilliant plan to tackle some sewing and listen to the Word!

  2. Always good to have a plan for staying awake during these times. I love yours !~!

  3. It sounds like your little one has the start of chicken pox or measles. Good luck!


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