14 October 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Long Arm Quilting!

I love the first day of school. I love the anxious feeling I get, wondering what class will be like. Wondering if I'll make a friend. Love school supplies. Love lunch boxes. Love after-school snacks.

I've got those butterflies in my stomach this week, anticipating my foray into long arm quilting. I'm excited, scared, hopeful, nervous, freaking out, and everything in between. And most likely overthinking it, but there it is.

But wait! Last week's list was pretty simple:
  • Piece Alpine Wonderland On A Whim Blocks 
These are turning out so well! I'm halfway through these blocks, and I should be done this week (and I apologize - blogger is being obnoxious today and won't leave my picture flipped! Grr. So it's sideways.)

  •  If I get bored, or done with those blocks, piece some red string quilt blocks 
I didn't get bored, or done, so no progress. But that's okay.

This week's list will be a tad longer!
  • Quilt do.Good Stitches quilt and bind
Here she is, all ready to go!

  • Quilt Gypsy Girl patchwork quilt and bind
  • Quilt Crossroads quilt and bind
  • Quilt Spider web quilt and bind
  • Make bindings for 3 of those quilts
  • Start piecing, and maybe finish, my mom's spider web flimsy
  • If there's time, finish those Alpine Wonderland blocks
That's a lot! But the quilting time is scheduled over three days this week, and I've got one binding done at least! I'll cut the other three this morning.


  1. your DGS quilt looks very nice! i like what you did with the sashing.

  2. I would so love to be going to class with you, it'll be lots of fun, I bet!

  3. That sounds like a really fun "school". Enjoy!


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