28 October 2013

Make-A-List Monday: Seeing Red!

Despite the boring list for last week, I still managed to get a lot done. Who knew?

Last week's list:
  • Cut and sew borders for 2 Simple Life Dottie quilts 

Done, and I love them! Now, what to back them in? Just kidding! Red and aqua minky of course!
  • Cut and sew borders for Quite Contrary quilt

Well, not done. Do you ever do things like make a plan, then a better one pops into your head and you say, "Oh sure! Let's make it more complicated!" Well, that's what I did. I've got the solid strips cut, but I'm going to piece some strawberry blocks for the corners. The ones from this pattern. I figure, why not?
  • Cut and sew borders for Glamping trips quilt
 Not done, but it's only because I was waiting on a book to arrive. It got here Thursday and now I'm trying to choose what I want to do with this quilt. It's turning into a medallion quilt almost, but still fun. I think one more pieced border and then the one that's just one fabric with white. So two more borders, but a whole lot of work between now and then!
  • Finish Alpine Wonderland blocks and sew flimsy, including border

Done! This quilt is big. As in, half of it is hanging over the back of the fence! So pretty, and not too in your face Christmas-y. Watching for a minky sale and then getting this baby quilted!

And I quilted another quilt on the long arm. But you'll have to wait for it. I'm pretty giddy about this one! Here's a teaser shot:

So the week wasn't as boring as I thought it would be, and it's almost all done. On to bigger and better. Or just bigger.

My next flimsy finish HAS to be this red string quilt.

So I'm seeing red this week. I'm busting out my favorite Christmas movies (White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life) and Christmas tunes (Josh Groban's album is high on that list) and piecing eleventy billion string blocks for the biggest string quilt I can make. I've got a best friend in Salt Lake City who doesn't know this is coming, but it has to get there before December! Nothing like a deadline to motivate you, right?

So, the list this week looks like this:
  • Glue white strips to paper
  • Piece red string blocks
That's all.

This may or may not get interrupted by a long-arm session, if I get the chance. I've got a list of quilts that are ready to go the minute I get the text that the machine is free. It happened last Saturday, so I've got to be prepared! Because who would pass up a chance to finish another flimsy? Not this girl!

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  1. Loving your sewing ....gorgeous eye candy.


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