30 October 2013

WIP Wednesday: String Quilt Dilemma

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Okay y'all. I've been sewing and staring at these blocks, and pinning ideas for the last 48 hours. Can't decide what I like best. Help!

I've got 31 red string blocks done. I think I can make at least five more, which gives me a six by six layout.

But it's too small! I wanted a big, two people could snuggle under it kind of quilt. The friend that it's for is 5'10", so a 60-odd inch quilt just isn't going to cut it folks.

So, I have two options. Well, three, if I combine them.

First option: sashing

And this is the best one as far as similarities with my blocks and how they'd look with the sashing:

Second option: borders

 plain white border - simple, nice and restful for your eyes from Sarah Jackson's flickr photo

A stunning pieced border, but I don't know if I've got the fabric for this one! from Marjon Savelsberg's flickr photo

Third option: sashing and borders (and I think I like this one best of all!)

Again, not sure I could swing the pieced border, but I could use a single red print for it that would be awesome. And I LOVE the little cornerstones in there. From JulieKQuilts

Here's what I worked up in EQ7 (sorry it's kind of blurry - I'm a work in progress myself!):

So, what do you think? I could fussy cut some of the Holiday Hostess ladies for each cornerstone, which means the sashing is going to be pretty wide. or just use thinner white sashing with scraps from the quilt, then do a couple of borders.

Please, if you want to pin any of these images (other than mine), go to the original source and pin from there. They aren't mine, and I want the right people to get the credit for their awesomeness!


  1. I think you are completely right about all the options! I will be groegous!

  2. Lovely string blocks! I love that the monochrome palette you're working with really makes the design pop and I like the idea of sewing the blocks together without sashing, but adding a border or two - maybe a red sandwiched between neutrals, as in the quilt from JulieKQuilts. But really, follow your heart and move forward with the one you like best!

  3. I love how your red/white quilt is layed out in your photo. Add a simple white border if you want but the simple layout allows the pattern and fabric to shine in my humble opinion.

  4. I prefer last one, but wider sashing (quilt with tha cat). Of course red cornerstones. I´m looking for your the result.

  5. Your blocks are so pretty all together with the white diagonals. I'd go with a narrow white border all around, then a fat red border to bump up the size. It will be gorgeous, whatever choice you make.

  6. i agree with you option 3!! Love your red string blocks! I am doing a similar idea with the Scrappy Trip Around the World. Very Nice!!

  7. I like the sashing and borders, but it's a difficult choice. Good luck!

  8. Your EQ7 mock up look great! Especially if you don't have the fabric to make the pieced border. Plus, using one color for the border would be waaaay faster ;) I do like that one the best, though!

  9. I like the last make up thin sashing. Red border,

  10. This is not helpful - but I love all of the options! :)


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