20 December 2013

Friday Finish: Mom's Weekender, and a bonus

So glad I got my Juki back. The story ended well - they figured out what was wrong (after I brought in an example of what it was doing), and fixed it with no extra charges, and did it right away. Hooray!

So I got right back to work and I finished this gorgeous Weekender for my awesome mom.

She liked my pink dandelion one, but it was kind loud for her, so we went with a nice gray one. I added the yellow just to liven things up a smidge.

And the zippy pockets inside are aqua, for a little splash of color inside.

And then I was so productive I got my niece's Sophia bag done too!

I really love this pattern. Amy Butler might have a love for interfacing, and it's challenging, but I just LOVE how her patterns turn out. The directions are always so clear and easy to follow. It's great!

This is the Sophia pattern, but I wanted a bigger one, so I enlarged it 129% at FedEx and it's just right.

My niece loves elephants, but I thought they might be too cutesy on the outside, so they are hiding in the lining. They are "stealth-ephants" as my husband calls them.

A zippy pocket, and another one on the inside makes it just right for a carry-on, or overnight bag. It's almost as big as a Weekender!

Linking up with Amanda Jean and Sarah - have a great weekend!


  1. What a great idea for making a bigger bag. That looks like a pattern I need to check out!

  2. Those are both very sweet bags. Great job! I love the gray fabrics. Gray sure goes good with everything! Your mom and your niece are both sure to love them!

  3. Just gorgeous !~! What fabulous work(wo)manship and detailing. Many reasons to be proud of your work. You did beautifully. The combo of yellow and grey delights and then to toss in that aqua--well !~! Ta Da !~!

  4. I LOVE that dandelion bag! That is just gorgeous and the yellow is the perfect accent colour for it!

  5. Beautiful bags Jennie..........thanks for sharing !

  6. Those are fantastic! I would totally love one of those as a gift, so I'm sure the recipients are going to be thrilled. The comment about the interfacing made me laugh- bags always end up being so incredibly complicated.

  7. Wow - lovely bags! I'm sure the recipients will love them.

  8. So what was wrong with your machine may I ask? Curious;)

    Beautiful finishes!!

  9. Eep! Both of these bags are incredible! Love!

  10. Brilliant Bags! I love these, Jennie - you are a clever lady :)


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