14 December 2013

No Sew Blues

Three days!

Three whole, entire, agonizing days.

Still no machine y'all. Has this happened to you? I took it in Wednesday night. Told me two days, so by end of the day Friday. Called this morning and "he hasn't gotten to it yet." Um, why did you tell me two days if there were machines ahead of me?

It hasn't been entirely awful, really. Wanna see what I got done in the meantime:
  • I cut the handles and piping for my Glamping Weekender
  • I cut more squares for my Glamping Weekender too
  • I cut out the trivet for my mother-in-law
  • I cut this fabric for this quilt
  • I cut this fabric for this quilt
  • And I cut the rest of this fabric for my I Love Lucy quilt
  • Then I cut out six pairs of BYU fleece pajamas
  • And I sewed them up and shipped them off this morning
  • Then I cut my niece's Sophia bag (after I enlarged the pattern a smidge) 
  • And I cut my daughter's Sophia bag
So now what do I do? I could always cut a Sophia bag for me. And I've got the lining material for the Glamping bag, so I could get that cut out as well. But I want to be sewing. I've got all these projects just waiting for me, and it's killing me!

I e-mailed my sister-in-law, asking her if I could come use the longarm. I need to be doing something after all. Might as well get a quilt finished, right? We'll see what she says!

And I would have been a lot more productive if I'd been home at all on Friday. But I wasn't. The law student was taking one of his tests at the house, so I took the kids out for a day of fun - science center, Joann's (that's fun, right?), McDonald's, and the library. 


  1. Hope u get ur machine back soon!! At least you got a lot for the time being. I went for a couple days this week while mine was getting a tune up and THAT was hard for me. I feel ya:)

    I am excited to see your Lucy top;)

  2. Sounds like fun to me-science and fabric store and library--I'm in, let's go, I'll drive !~!

  3. I can't see you being bored in the next little while ; )

  4. Oh my goodness that is A LOT of cutting ;) You do need your machine back! I turned my machine in once and it was three WEEKS. I couldn't believe it. Don't they know that it is impossible to go that long. I had to use my little girl's sewing machine and she was super super sweet when I asked. I will send you wishes to get it back ASAP.


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