02 December 2013

Make-A-List Monday (on Tuesday!): Bring on the holidays!

It's going to get a little mad over here. It's going to get a little mad everywhere! But it's a happy, twinkly, warm, evergreen and cookie-smelling madness, so it's fine by me!

Last week, the plan was to:
  • Maybe, just maybe, quilt that string quilt (gotta sweet talk the sister-in-law!) 
Almost done! I'm learning a lot, and having fun in the process. I go back tonight to finish it, and then I'll get the binding on.
  • Finish those stockings, which involves embroidering names on the cuffs and putting them all together 
Yep. Went back and forth on the names, and the cuffs, but I'm happy. My week was crazier than I thought, but I finished them last night. They'll be my official finish for this Friday.

  • Make one Bijou travel bag (gotta figure out how to do the zipper panel without exposed seams on the inside)
Ugh, no. This bag pattern is not written well. When you can say that a Weekender bag is easier to make, well, that's saying something. And I'd rather be making a Weekender! I've ordered Amy Butler's Sophia pattern and I'm going to get started with one of those. I'm all for supporting new pattern designers, but only if they write a good pattern. I just cannot recommend that Bijou Travel Trio pattern. It's awful.
  • Cut out Mom's Weekender bag (gotta get this girl done before Christmas!)
Yep! This one is going to be so pretty!

As for this week, I plan on:
  • Finishing Mom's Weekender
  • Cutting an apron for my auntie (maybe some oven mitts too)
  • Cutting a Sophia bag for my niece
  • Binding finished quilt
  • When the PJ fabric arrives, pull out the serger and get going! I'll 'splain more later, promise!
That's all, but then those Weekenders are pretty time consuming.Not nearly as bad as the Bijou travel bag though.

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  1. oy vey your brain sounds like mine going a million miles a minute LOL!!!


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