30 December 2013

Make-A-List Monday: too busy to party!

I don't do New Year's Eve, really. I like to go to bed, frankly. But a good friend hosts a party at our church. A family party, with bounce houses and movies for the kids, yummy treats for all, and board games for the adults. So I'm going to party tomorrow night! Who knew!

As it turned out, I didn't get to quilt last week after all. My sis-in-law had a quilt on the long-arm that didn't get done for Christmas, so I get to wait for it to finish. No biggie. I did other things with my time.

Like finish a bunch of my Swoon blocks.

I'm in love. Seriously. It's going to be so pretty on my bed. Sorry about the pictures - I'm realizing that these blocks are impossible to photograph without a ladder or giraffe or something to stand on. Maybe I could rent a helicopter . . .

The list this week?
  • Baste and hand quilt my Sunkissed Granny Squares quilt - think I'm going to hang this one on the wall
  • Start the panels for my Glamping Weekender bag (my sis-in-law loved hers! Wish I'd remembered to take pictures for you - silly me!)
  • Finish my daughter's Sophia bag
  • Finish my Swoon blocks (8 to go!)
That's all. I've got a lot to do to be ready for the 4QFAL link up soon. Are you ready?


  1. You are funny, Jennie, perhaps just a ladder, hey?! Think I'm in love with your Swoon Blocks too *sigh* Now, take it easy party girl, no throwing out any crazy shapes and doing yourself an injury!! Happy New Year to you :)

  2. Swoon + Scrumptious = Awesome! Can't wait to see the rest of your blocks. Enjoy your New Years Eve, sounds like fun!

  3. These are gorgeous! I'm the same way, I could really do without the hoopla of New Years. Bed sounds good to me, at the normal time. :)

  4. Oh my, Jennie. I am totally LOL! Your swoon blocks are beautiful. It will be one big quilt. One time I went to a party in January, and my hubby and I won an award for being the earliest to bed on New Year's Eve.

  5. :-)
    It is very pretty already!
    Happy new year!
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    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  6. I love the colors you choose for swoon! It will be beautiful.


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