08 January 2014

4QFAL Finish: Flirt Nine Patch!

Yet another one for Valentine's day. And this time, my girls don't get to steal it!

Took some risks with the quilting, but I'm happy with the result. It's important to try new things, no?

This has got to be my favorite pattern from Moda Bake Shop. Just the perfect lap quilt size for my family. Okay, it's basically a twin. But that's perfect in my book.

Backed in aqua minky (heavenly stuff!) and bound and done!

Crossing it off the 4QFAL list and getting yet another one in under the wire.


  1. Love it! I have a layer cake of that fabric, but I don't remember what I was going to make with it! It was one of those "oh boy it's half price moments". I bought it and came up with a quick plan, but I haven't a clue what it was!

  2. I have seen a few projects lately that have used the Flirt fabric and have caught my eye, might need to grab some. Your quilt looks great!!

  3. Slow down or I'm going to send you my Flirt quilt...since you're getting so good at quilting them!

  4. Beautiful quilt and your quilting is gorgeous!

  5. I have some Flirt fabric and it is one of the quilts on my to do list. You are a quilting machine!

  6. Such a pretty quilt! I used Flirt to make my youngest granddaughter's quilt for Christmas this year, and really enjoyed working with the beautiful colors. You'll love that one for a long time!! Whoop whoop!!


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