08 January 2014

4QFAL Finish: Pam Kitty Morning Pinwheels!

What to say? Let's just stick with statistics, shall we?

The pattern: Pinwheels in the Park, only bigger, and different
The fabric: Pam Kitty Morning (and this isn't the last PKM quilt I've done - one more coming!)
Pieced: ages ago
Quilted: yesterday on my sis-in-law's longarm in all over pattern

Yes, I did brighten up some of these pictures. I wanted the colors to really pop in the photo, because they do in real life.

Okay, I did do some different flowers and some strawberries.  Wanted to do something a little different, and I was flipping through the book Doodle Quilting and I saw the strawberries and thought, "What the heck?" I love them! Some look like strawberries, some look like turnips or apples, but who cares? I declare them to be strawberries, and strawberries they shall be! The IG photo is the best one to see the quilting on.

It's cuddly and soft and who cares about the rest, right? Happy to have it done! Crossing it off the 4QFAL list, because I really don't want to carry it over YET again.


  1. I love your pinwheels. Your points are so perfect! And your strawberries are awesome. I would never have thought to do that.

  2. The strawberries are perfect for the quilt. Love the pinwheels!

  3. Superb execution; I love this pattern. (and i do my own designing so liking a commercial one is rare for me) The choices of colors are perfect !~! Truly sweet !~!

  4. I adore it Jennie! I love PKM fabrics. I'm hoarding a heap in my stash. It's her clear, true colours that attract me. I've just joined Instagram this year. I'm at sarahkrothe and you're welcome to follow me and see what I've been working on. I'm off to find you now and follow ☺️


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