13 January 2014

Make-A-List Monday: the quilting binge is over!

Back to reality. No more quilting for a bit. Need to do a bit of sewing here at home.

I didn't make a list last week. I was knee deep in the joys of the longarm. So I'm wiping the slate clean and starting afresh!

Here's what I've got on my list this week:
  • Finish piecing Hello Sunshine Wagon Wheel blocks - these babies are tedious, let me tell you. So many components. But I'm getting there. I have stacks of HSTs, stacks of 16 patch blocks, and stacks of 4 piece strips. Watching "Captain America" and "Avengers" gets me through all this piecing and trimming. 
  • Cut the piping, handles and lining pieces left for my Glamping Weekender
  • Make the piping and handles for my Glamping Weekender
  • Start piecing the panels for my Glamping Weekender
That's all I'm gonna try for this week. We're back to school for the law student (last semester EVER!), and for the homeschoolers. Life is busy and life is great.What are you working on?


  1. Hi!!!! Looks like you are having fun and very very busy!!!!! Love the fabrics you are using!!!!

  2. Pretty fabrics:) Captain America and Avengers sounds like my house with my hubs and boy:)

  3. So funny. You are back to piecing, and I am hoping to quit four quilts this week. Luckily they aren't too big. Can't wait to see what you get done. And the last semester sounds sooo exciting!

  4. looking for pattern for the brown/pink/green quilt you didi for h2h. You said you used a pattern and linked to it but the shop you linked to doesn't have it anymore, so the link comes up blank. Please help--thanks


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