31 January 2014

Friday Finish: Retreat finishes

Yes, these are just flimsies, but they totally count. We've been busy girls.

My Scrumptious Scrappy Trip

My Blooming Lovely Open Season (LOVED this pattern!)

My Glamping Big Hexies

I'm home, safe and sound. It was lovely. Really really lovely. I'm already excited to go again, but it might be a while. Gotta make sure the law student can survive it (actually, he did a GREAT job!).


  1. Wow Jennie! I'm impressed with how much you got done, they're wonderful!

  2. My oh my, not sure where to rest the eyes - all delicious, Jennie :)

  3. These are so much fun. I like the cream in you scrappy trips. That is what I plan on doing when I make my pastel one later this year (or next year). Glad you enjoyed your retreat.

  4. You got so much done! Really effective use of time, well done! Sounds like just the break you need from the ins and outs of everyday life. Glad to hear the husband was excellent with the kids on his own. Mine is fantastic, but I did notice that when went from two to three kids he was really reluctant to have them on his own. Now that the youngest is five it's not as noticeable, but I still get the vibe it's a chore for him!


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