24 January 2014

Friday Finish: Sew Together Bag

I first spotted the Sew Together bag over at Crazy Mom Quilts - seriously, how adorable is her bag and those teeny tiny squares?

I was packing up my stuff for my retreat and I wanted something a little cuter, a little nicer, and a little more functional than this big plastic bin (not that I'm not a fan of the plastic bin, but not for my little notions).

So I pulled out the linen and aqua and yellow stuff I used for this sewing room project a while back. I cut it all out Wednesday night, did the fusing Wednesday night and then realized I didn't have the zippers I needed. So off to the store first thing Thursday morning and I was set.

This bag is . . . challenging. But not impossible. The directions are very clear, which is always a plus.

And I love it! My aqua rotary cutter looks so at home, doesn't it? There's room for scissors, pins, needles, machine feet, oil, tweezers, screwdrivers, chocolate - everything I need. And so cute!

I might need to make another one to match my Glamping Weekender. That wouldn't be too insane and matchy matchy, would it? I mean, I know it would be matchy matchy, but I don't care much about that. People have matching luggage all the time!

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  1. so so cute!!! I love it, and wish zippers didn't scare me so much

  2. Oh man that is super cute! I love all the little zip pockets and sections to keep things organized! I think one to go with your weekender bag is a great idea! You can use it for toiletries or hair stuff or medicines!

  3. I do love your 'can do' attitude, Jennie ... challenging but not impossible! Think I'll take your word for it and just drool at your cute bag - clever lady :)

  4. The best little pouch ever!! So many nice storage compartments.

  5. I love this bag. Especially the measuring tape on front. Do you have problems with your oil leaking? I have to keep mine in a ziplock.

  6. Chiming in to say, Love This Bag and you aced it with the fabrics. My oil leaks too, what's that about ?~! "Ziploc sales increase needed so we'll make sloppy little bottles" is what it feels like sometimes when I cannot get a solid seal on a small container.

  7. Great job! I've had my eye on this pattern and you've provided inspiration to get in done!


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