23 January 2014

Look what came for me!

I was a lucky winner in the 4th Quarter FAL over at she can quilt. Lucky me, lucky me, this arrived in the mail (along with a few things I ordered from this new favorite shop):

For reals? I had that stack split up so fast, it wasn't funny (which is why I had to borrow the picture from sew me a song's etsy listing - sorry!). The red, pink, gray and black are going to make up some Churn Dash blocks for my I Love Lucy quilt (because Lucy and Ethel wore gingham dresses too!). The aqua, yellow, green and orange are going towards a project that I'm making with the Sunny Happy Skies line, and they fit in so well! The brown and darker blue are going to go with me on retreat, because they go so well with two of my retreat projects. And that just leaves the lavender. Poor lavender. Wish I knew someone would love you.

Oh wait. I LIVE with someone who will love you. She will add you to her "stash" and she will make a quilt with you and enter it in the fair and win a big blue ribbon and money and be so happy. At least, that's what she said!

Okay, seriously, go check out the shop sew me a song on etsy. Great selection of really fun fabrics. Lots of fun Japanese prints, and text prints, and Paris prints. LOVE it.


  1. ooh congrats. great bundle! i love gingham.

  2. YAY - have fun! and thanks for mentioning sew me a song. I went and looked and found Gettysburg and Civil War fabric! I preparing to make my son a quilt and he and my husband are Civil War History buffs. I do believe I'll be ordering some ;-)

  3. How fun! and lucky! I love the lavender it's my favorite, lol. Save the best for last right?

  4. I love this bundle of gingham...I have an idea that this would be perfect for.


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