10 March 2014

Return of the Sew-Jo!

Phew. I was getting worried. And my house was getting cleaner. Something was clearly wrong.

I powered through my I Love Lucy churn dash blocks. I love them, but I didn't love making them. Isn't that funny? And that's not entirely true either. I did love putting them together at the end. It was the HSTs, honestly, that did me in. Sewing and then trimming them and pressing them and all that got a bit tedious.

I'm going to lay them out sometime this week (I'm thinking tomorrow when the older kids have piano) and sew them all together by Friday.

Then I sat and stared at my wall of projects, all tucked away in their little bins, all nice and neat. Lots of them are cut and ready to start. But this one almost jumped off the shelf at me:

I bought several Ruby charm packs a while back (back when you could get them!). I planned on making granny square blocks with them. They sat, all ready to go, for far too long. I sorted and sewed and I'm almost done. Just need some more neutral fabric for the last dozen blocks, the sashing, and the border. I'm super excited about this quilt. Going on my bed!

And now my new dilemma. My mother-in-law offered to watch kids for me on my birthday next week so I could have a bit of a break. I'd love to go quilt a quilt. Or two. Or ten. But I need to be realistic. I'll only have a few hours to do it. So I'm thinking it needs to be an all over pattern one. Should it be:

Option #1:

The Scrumptious Scrappy Trip throw

Option #2:

The Blooming Lovely Open Season throw (although I think I'd rather do a custom quilt on this one)

Option #3:

My huge Glamping hexies quilt that I love, that will be backed in hot pink minky (I think I'm a bit obsessed with the Glamping fabric from Moda!):

So, what do you think? It's really between #1 and #2. The scrappy trip would be super fast, as it's smaller. Then again, maybe I can get my mother-in-law to take the morning shift and my husband to take the afternoon shift. That would mean two quilts! 


  1. If you have enough time, I would go with the third one. But if not I would do the first one, because the second would look awesome with more customized quilting. And congrats on the return on your sew-Jo.

  2. Number 1 for me, please,l
    They are all gorgeous!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  3. Your granny squares are really cute...are those all 5" blocks in the granny square or did you cut the charm packs smaller? I am in love with your scrappy trip throw! It's so pretty:)

  4. If you are crunched for time Option #1. Option #2 Sounds like you are planning on investing some time... so you might save for a later time. Option #3 I've heard the minky clean up is timely; gets over everything.

  5. I would probably stab myself in the wrists if I had to make all my churn dashes at once - one a week is just the right amount of HST trimming. So yay for sewing mojo! I would go all-over on the Scrappy Trip - it's an easy one to do, and Open Season would look great with a little more time/childcare/custom work.

  6. Ooh what did you choose? I have a couple of Ruby charm packs squirreled away too. Haven't thought about what I'd like to use them on, just happy to have them!

  7. everything is just gorgeous :o)


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