14 April 2014

Make-A-List Monday: Change of direction (what else is new?)

I cleaned my sewing room on Friday night. Vacuumed. Moved bins and boxes and toys and dirty clothes (not mine - my two-year-old feels entitled to disrobe in any room in the house, at any given time). It wasn't on my list, but it needed to be done.

Here's my list from last week:
  • Layout and sew Ruby Grannies flimsy - did I say Ruby? I meant to, and I did, but I can't sew the sashing together until I figure out how I'm going to get my hands on 20 2.5" squares of random Ruby fabrics. I've got 30, but I wanted to do corner post squares with the sashing, like on my Sew Cherry granny quilt. So I'm in the market. If you're hoarding some, I'll gladly pay or swap for something else if you like. I just won't pay nearly $50 for a charm pack. Not happening!

  • Get sashing fabric for pinwheel pillow shams - cut and stitch the fronts together - done! I love these, and now I'm working on the quilting step. Someone suggested flowers, and I'm liking the idea of a dogwood style flower in each pinwheel!

  • Find a great Christmas quilt pattern - meh, didn't find one I absolutely love yet, but I'm getting closer. I might just use the Thimbleblossoms one
  • Make and post my 2QFAL list (as per usual, it's a monster) - done, and who could forget it!
 And now, on to this week.
  • Layout and sew Strawberry Fields Shortcake flimsy (the blocks were all done, so why haven't I finished this quilt yet?)
  • Layout and sew Backyard Bugs flimsy (just squares, so easy peasy)
  • Get pearl cotton for pillow sham quilting
  • Sew Scrumptious pillowcases
That's all. 


  1. I love the sashing on your pillows. The dogwood quilting sounds great!

  2. You can have my Ruby! But you'll have to look at Spin Cycle and tell me which ones are Ruby - I cut off the selvages a while ago. And it's only 2-3 prints since its a B&C tribute quilt.

  3. I've sent you an email about Ruby.

  4. Did you get some Ruby Jennie? I'm late to the reading party, but if you're still stuck let me know.


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