06 May 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Pillowcases!

I like pretty, fluffy pillows on my bed. My husband prefers flat pillows, and he doesn't much care what they look like so long as they're covered. In the name of the "Great Bedroom Makeover," I give you, the pillowcase.

So I get to have the pretty fluffy ones on my side, and he gets the pretty and flat ones on his side. Makes the bed look lopsided, but it's us.

I like these pillowcases because they aren't open on the end, but they aren't an official sham either. I made a few from a pattern years ago, and have since lost the pattern but kept the ones I made. So I just took some measurements and got to work.

Want a tutorial? I think I can write one. I mean, it's a pillowcase. I think I can handle it!

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  1. I'd love a tutorial! it bothers me to see my pillow peeking out of the pillow case. not one of life's biggest problems, but just the same... ;)

  2. Great look, tutorial would be wonderful.

  3. Mmmmm gorgeous! Yes please to a tutorial :)

  4. I would love a tutorial...such a good idea!

  5. Hello, I'd like a tutorial too, please!


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