05 May 2014

Make-A-List Monday: Graduation Week!

My goodness! I didn't realize so many people felt the same way I did about the bogus copyright statements out there!

Here's a couple of clarifications, and further thoughts.

I think it's incredibly generous of those pattern designers who give their permission. In an industry that is just as much about stinginess and false claims, these designers who freely share, and let you know it, are tops in my book. I will do my best to financially support them, because they deserve it!

Just because you write it, and it sounds legal, doesn't make it so. Just because you say that this pattern I wrote is copyrighted, and you can't make and sell them, doesn't mean I can't. If I wrote a pattern, and said in the fine print that "the purchaser agrees to mow my lawn every Saturday during the summer, wax my legs and come caroling (complete with hot chocolate and cookies) at Christmas," it doesn't mean you really have to do that.Yes, it sounds silly, but no sillier than "You paid me what I asked, but I still control what you do with what you make." Cookbooks and recipes do not contain the disclaimer "For home use only." All a copyright protects is the written words. I cannot reproduce them and sell them under my name, or give them away.

There are some designers out there who are quite full of themselves. I won't be mentioning names, but the patterns are quite expensive or so simple it's silly that they even think I should pay $9 for it. And for all that, I doubt they've even bothered to contact an attorney on the legal stuff.

Then there are awesome designers, who respond to e-mails from us lowly little home quilters. You know who they are, and if you don't, just ask me. These are designers I will buy from again and again. That and they show some originality mixed in with a fair amount of humility. Please don't think I'm focusing on the negative. There is are a lot of positive, generous, kind people in this quilting world of ours.Those are the people I intend to support.

Okay, enough for now. I'll shut up about it! Let's check some lists!

Last week:
  • Finish the Economy blocks
Not all done! But getting closer!
  • Cut Ruby squares and lay out sashing and squares
All done. Flimsy part one is finished, and now a border decision to make.Well, border decision is made. I'm going with the scrappy border and I'm excited!

  • Laurel and I are going to make some doll dresses (and I'm making a doll for little sister Caroline)
All cut out. Saturday night I turned on a fun movie for me and cut them out. Will try to get them sewn this week.
  • William and I are going to make a pillowcase 
My kids keep learning lessons the hard way. As in, "Get your work done and we can do fun things." Work didn't get done. So frustrating.
  • Fabric and pattern shopping for Laurel and I - that girl needs some cute skirts!
Phew! Pattern sale at JoAnn's, so we ventured in last Friday. We picked out some cute fabrics and some fun patterns. Guess what I'm doing this week?

She wanted the dresses/skirts to match the new scripture bag I'm making for her. How'd we do?

On to this week:
  • Finish up the Econ blocks
  • Sew Scrumptious pillowcases
  • Prep quilts for my Mother's Day quilting day next week!
 Kid projects:
  • Sew doll clothes
  • Sew skirts for my girl 
  • Try again with the pillowcase
That's all for this week. What are you working on?


  1. re: copyright............right on!!!!
    re: generous designers........absolute gems
    re: supporting the generous.......absolutely, again and again

  2. Beautiful quilt! Happy sewing

  3. How is licensing different ? I always thought the "you can't make" statement on the back of a pattern was a way of say that the designer has not granted a license to the purchaser of the pattern to sell it commercially?

    Thanks for these posts.


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