07 July 2014

3QFAL: July August September Goals

I know I'm known for monster huge lists. I know it's one of my quirks.

So don't freak out when this one isn't a mile long. I'm trying to be realistic. I'm only listing quilts that have a back already. And some smallish projects along with those.

Since I've started working and bringing in some extra cash, I've been able to buy some of the things I need to finish more of my quilts. With the awesome mum-in-law, I just might git 'er done this quarter.

Okay, so alphabetical worked really well last time around. But I'm going to change it up just a bit:

To quilt:
Alpine Wonderland On A Whim

Apple Mini - ready to quilt

Blooming Lovely Open Season - ready to quilt

Cake Slice Mini quilt - ready to quilt

Easy as Cake - ready to quilt

HGL On A Whim - ready to quilt

Hello Sunshine Nine Patch - ready to quilt

Hello Sunshine Wagon Wheel - ready to quilt

Lucy's Triangles - ready to quilt

Posy Kiss Me - ready to quilt

Ready Set Snow Matchbox - ready to quilt

Scrumptious Swoon - ready to quilt

Sew Cherry Grannies - ready to quilt

Small Glamping Hexies - ready to quilt

Spider Web - ready to quilt

Sunkissed Grannies - ready to quilt

Small Projects to finish:

Vintage Sundress Mini

Oven Mitts

American Girl Dresses - more than a few!

Swoon Dorothy Day Tripper #2 (more pastries!)

Swoon Dorothy Day Tripper #3 (birdies with houses and pink flowers)

Sew Together Bag for special friend #1

Sew Together Bag for special friend #2

Sew Together Bag for special friend #3

London Patchwork Weekender (Christmas gift)

Sleeping bags for kids' stuffed animals (Christmas gifts)

Idea pouch for daughter's Christmas gift

Temple Bag for me

Christmas aprons for my girls

Holiday Hostess Weekender for me!

Christmas Gift Bags

2 Dresses for my girl

Nightgowns for my girl

Gypsy Girl Kaleidoscope Pillow for my girl

Doll for my baby girl's birthday

Doll quilt for the doll for baby girl's birthday


  1. And I thought my list was huge. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Ok if that was realistic ... I would hate to see ambitious!!! Wow what a list. Good luck in Q3 Ill be cheering for you :)

  3. Bwahahaha, I think your ready-to-quilt list is still longer than my whole list, and mine's not one of the short ones. ;)

  4. ahh A list bigger than mine! LOL I follow you on BL sew can't wait to see these!

  5. Oh your list is long, but very similar to mine in the fact that all of your quilts are ready to go, me too! Good luck on getting them done, some beautiful projects there!

  6. That is a list! I love a good list too. I am anxious to see what you get done on here so many pretty quilts and projects.

  7. That is a monster list. What ya talking about it not being so long? Congratulations on getting a job! I missed that. What work are you doing?


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