01 July 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Scrumptious Kaleidoscope Pillow

Now my bed is complete. Well, almost. I need to quilt my Swoon quilt, and then it will be perfect! And I need a real bed. Like, a headboard and such. And nightstands. But at least my quilts are pretty!

Right about now, you'd expect a pretty bed shot. Not happening. The law graduate/bar studier is sleeping, and there is no way I'm waking him up for a bed photo shoot. Hope you understand.

Still, I'm happy with this little pillow.

I used the Kaleidoscope blocks from Red Pepper Quilts (free over at Craftsy).

Bound in the red bias stripe from the Scrumptious line. Happily sitting on my bed. My husband doesn't quite get the purpose of a throw pillow, other than we throw it off the bed at night. I've stopped trying to help him understand.

Question though: I'm a total throw pillow virgin, so how do I make it nice and plump throughout the pillow? Right now, the corners are kinda flat and it looks like a rectangle, even though it's not. What to do! Help a newbie out!

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  1. Sorry I don't have any pillow advice for you, but I love it! Well done!

  2. I doubt if it would work on this pillow, but when I made pillows, I usually added a border, often plain, so I could round the corners enough that I didn't get what I called "Pointy Ears." It's just the nature of stuffing two squares that the corners have to be stuffed more lightly because there's just less room in them. Beautiful, bright colors. I'm still looking forward to seeing your Swoon quilted.

  3. The only advice I have is to repeat what I've heard: Use a bigger pillow form, or use left over batting in the corners. Beautiful pillow, and yea for pretty quilts on beds.

  4. Gorgeous, Jennie. I've just hand sewn the back of the binding on mine ... the corners are a bit 'empty' but I did make the case a bit smaller than usual and bashed the heck out of it after binding to distribute some of the feathers!

  5. I would buy a bigger pillow form. I almost always upsize to stuff it nice and full. And it's gorgeous, of course. And my husband has the same opinion of throw pillows. (All husbands?)

  6. Congrats on your finishes :o)


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