30 June 2014

Make-A-List Monday: Last day of June!

Last week was my bag week. This week is the "finish up the FAL list" week.

So here's what's on the agenda:
  • Make my daughter's Gypsy Girl Kaleidoscope pillow
  • Bind my Scrumptious Kaleidoscope pillow
On top of the FAL finishes, I want to advance on some others:
  • Lay out and sew together Too Cute to Spook hexies
  • Cut and sew another Sew Together bag for a friend
  • Cut and sew some AG doll dresses
  • Lay out and sew Backyard bugs flimsy
  • Finish my two Dorothy Day Tripper bags (maybe even the third one!)
There. That's enough. Along with celebrating my nation's birthday on Friday!

Also, I get that this list is somewhat of a boring read. I was thinking of ways to jazz up Mondays.

What if we did a "Make-A-Color-Palette Monday"? Different themes, or color focus each week? I've been having way too much fun playing around with the palette builder lately. It could be a picture linky party, so we could get some awesome ideas from each other? Wanna play with me? If I get enough supporters, we'll start it!

Here's some of my latest:

And before you ask, yes, I'm completely obsessed with the colors they use for Elsa. All those icy blues and aqua? Gorgeous!

So who wants to play along with me? Who knows, we might get some fabulous ideas for quilts!

Oooh, almost forgot! The winner of the Aurifil giveaway from last week, from the Texas Road Trip blog hop, is Katie D! Congrats Katie! I'll e-mail you soon and give you the scoop on how to get your winnings!


  1. I love these palettes! The last one reminds me of the Wee Wander that I'm totally buying.

  2. Oh, I love Frozen, too. This might be a silly question, but what tool did you use to make those palettes, matching Kona Cottons to pics?


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