21 October 2014

Fabric Tuesday: London Patchwork Weekender

Giveaway is still going on to celebrate the launch of my first pattern. Win a copy of the pattern, or a fat eighth bundle from Westwood Acres. Read all about it over here!

And now, I will spare you all my ridiculous attempts to write with a British accent.

You're welcome.

But my MIL has a British accent, and I thought she'd like her own Weekender, made with London fabrics.

Used the leftovers from my husband's quilt from last year. Turns out I have enough for TWO London Weekenders. I'll need to take dozens of vacations just to get some use out of all these bags!

Lined with cars and buses. Piping and handles in black, and the top zipper panel in bright red dots.

Checking this one off the 4QFAL list. Now to hide it until Christmas. She babysits at times, and I don't want her "discovering" it.

If you're interested in making a patchwork Weekender, I put together a post with my tips and tricks that I've learned along the way. You can find it here, and I hope you make one of your own!

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  1. How darling! And a time consuming project too boot! Sounds like a family trip to London is in order. ;)

  2. Love it! What an amazing bag. Your bags all look so professional.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is an amazing Weekender!! I was raised in America, but born in England and still have a love for all things British!!

  4. What a great bag! Those fabrics are great.

  5. Having made my first "real" bag this summer, I am in awe of your bag! Sew pretty and the fabrics are perfect!

  6. Beautiful bag, I love the fabric choice and your quilting stands out so perfectly! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I love this pattern! I look forward to the pattern. Maybe it's less difficult than Amy Butler's pattern let us know when it's ready, I would like one!
    jlblvn at gmail dot com

  8. I Love your Weekender. Your fabrics give it a fun look.

  9. Great bag! Love the fabric. Is this a difficult bag to make? After reading the comments, is this made with your pattern? Love it.

  10. Awesome! That lining is so cute. I still need to get around to making one of these.

  11. That is my favorite!! So cute.

  12. Great present for your British mother in law. I hope she loves it, and doesn't find it before Christmas! A very professional looking finish, as usual.


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