07 January 2014

4QFAL Finish: London Trips!

Oh boy is this one fun!

I jumped on the Scrappy Tripalong bandwagon last winter and made this flimsy with my law student in mind. His mother is from London and we both love lots of British shows and movies.


So when I quilted it, it was only natural that I include some of our favorite quotes and references.

There's Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice and one Blackadder quote thrown in, just to keep it real.

He's pretty excited about the whole thing. Especially since this quilt weighs a gazillion pounds, as it's backed in blue minky and has double batting.

Checking this one off the 4QFAL list, and going back into the sewing room to finish binding some more quilts! Love this bonus week we get!


  1. The quilt is beautiful! I was wondering..how'd you organize and cut the colored squares? I am thinking of doing something similar but not to anxious to deal with all the colors! I know to sew strips together then cut, then sew together but is that how you did yours? I am not a scrappy quilter so I have to know what I am in line for! I am afraid I'll have so many colors all over the place that it will look clutter, messy and far to busy! Thanks!

  2. Beautiful! Minky and 2 layers... wow! I completed my trip quilt top last Jan and still need to get that thing quilted myself.

  3. You are just loving on the minky I see lol! I know you have quite a bit of it as well from your previous posts. I finally bought a yd myself last month when it was on sale at fabric.com. Just need to get to using it as a backing, BUT first I NEED to do the top hehehe

    I love all the quotes you FMQ'ed on the back!!

  4. It sounds so nice and cozy. I would love the weight, but my DH wouldn't.

  5. I think that is my favorite Scrappy Trip Along that I have seen! Love the use of white!

  6. Aren't you the creative one for adding quotes into the quilting design. I like how you somewhat planned the design layout to have the white squares - nice touch.

  7. Wonderful colours, and the writing is so neat. I realise I'm reading it backwards, but does it really say "you'll make me untidy"?

  8. Your writing looks so lovely and rounded in the quilting. Mine always comes out pointy and jointed! The quilt sounds ridiculously heavy, very masculine. I love British tv shows and movies too.


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