08 October 2014

WIP Wednesday: Too Cute to Spook Flimsy

If you don't like to read about kid stuff, skip to the pictures.

If you're in the same boat, pull up a chair and commiserate.

I'm potty training my last baby. Did I mention she is the most stubborn, resistant child of them all? Yeah, it's not fun.

So I set up my sewing machine at the kitchen table, parked her on her potty chair next to me, handed over my phone with Netflix and we sat. All day.

Fun? Not so much. Successful? Not hardly. But I did get this flimsy done:

Don't be sucked in by her cuteness. This girl is a force to be reckoned with.

Seems I know how to finish a flimsy, but even after successfully toilet training 4 kids, I can't crack this one. Help!


  1. Patience and time is all I can say! I had one of those too, don't remember what finally worked (too many years ago) but I think one of the tricks was for all her friends to give her pretty undies at her 3rd birthday!!

  2. I feel for you Jennie! Potty training was a nightmare for me through 6, except one. I used potty wise If you've ever heard of it, and that made my last three bearable at least! Good luck! The quilt is so fun by the way!

  3. I can COMPLETELY commiserate. We have been doing the same thing this week. And mine is more stubborn too. He would have never sat that long.
    But you made a darling quilt top.

  4. I potty trained a kid I nannied for. All the favorite beverages they can drink and then set the timer for every 15 minutes. We also only played on non porous surfaces.

  5. I remember trying the training underwear. They are "suppose" to not like getting wet. No, not my daughter "oh boy! Puddle!" Yeah, don't miss that! i think with my second girl, we trying training making the number twos on the potty first. I don't remember though, I try to block that potty training thing out of my head. Good luck!

  6. That quilt is HUGE!!!! I think they both must be a force to recon with! LOL!! Hang in there....a few too many times of NOT using the potty should change her mind!


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