06 January 2015

1QFAL 2015: January-February-March plans

First, my VAT thoughts, and a giveaway, are still going on until Friday. Enjoy.

Phew. That was one busy quarter! Getting time on the long arm really depleted my stack of flimsies and I'm SO happy about it.

Just look at those piles of quilts I finished last quarter (and two are missing because they were gifts!):

I did derail myself with the whole pattern design thing. That took over October/November, so the quilts that were finished weren't always on my list. Oh well. I still have quilts!

And now, for my goals for this quarter:

Daysail Fresh Air - New pattern!

Folklore Catching Rays - New Pattern!

Macarons - New Pattern!

Daysail Catching Rays Maxi - New pattern!

Sunkissed Grannies

Pam Kitty Garden Flower - New Pattern!

Flower Sugar Economy Block Quilt

Easy as Cake quilt

Merry and Bright Table Runner

Solstice Table Runner

Apple of My Eye Hexies

Glamping Trips

Glamping Hexies

Valentine's Heart Mini

Posy Kiss Me

Happy Go Lucky Nines and Snowballs

Lucy's Triangles

Simple Life Dottie #1

Simple Life Dottie #2

Happy Go Lucy Briar Rose

Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope

Two Idaho Quilts (I've got five to make by next Christmas!)

Smallish finishes:

Sew Together Bag for my Mom's birthday

Eloise Wallet for me (hey, my birthday is in March!)

Tulip Pillow for my mum-in-law's birthday

Super-Tote for me (again, my birthday is coming up!)

Temple Bag for me (because I need this finished and I need to stop changing my mind!)

Pam Kitty Garden Weekender (because ya gotta do something with the scraps!)

Five (count 'em) Hobbes softies (that didn't get done in time for Christmas - all that hand sewing - but will get done in time for our Calvin and Hobbes party in February!)

Sew Together Bag for Kate - she sent the scraps, I'm sewing the bag!

Kate's Weekender Bag, because I guess I can put it on my list!

A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on

A couple of divided baskets

And a super special surprise Weekender

And two Jane Market Bags (been wanting to try this one out for a while now)


  1. Wow, that's an amazing list, but looking at your last lot of finishes you will finish ,any of them!

  2. Oh MY!! What a BIG list!! I'm exhausted just reading it. . . . .ROFLOL

    Good luck with your finishes.

    I am a newbie to the FAL so if I can get the 3-4 items I plan on listing I will be happy.

  3. I love the peek at your new patterns. Have a great quarter!

  4. So many beautiful plans. I love the sunkissed grannies. That is my favorite fabric line EVER! Can't wait to see your Hobbs finished. I crocheted one last year for my grandson, who is a big fan of Calvin and Hobbs.

  5. Wow, great enthusiasm !! I like the Posy Kiss Me pattern. Is that yours? I hope you have fun and I look forward to seeing your quilts! jlblvn@gmail.com

  6. That is an list full of beautiful things.

  7. Lots of Beautiful quilts to make!! I'd like one or two of those patterns, that Posy Kiss Me is very cute. Have fun with your sewing and I look forward to seeing the quilts when they are done. I may be asking where to fine those patterns. Thank you

  8. Hey! My Weekender isn't on this list! Also, I can't wait to get my red pen/hands on those new patterns.

  9. Wow, that's an impressive first quarter list! Being a fellow Boisean, I - of course - love the Idaho quilt. When the Texas quilt made an appearance last year, I was hoping Idaho would follow. Can you tell me where you found the pattern? I'd love to make one!

  10. Wow! That is a list! the Lucy fabric reminds me that I never finished my paper pieced flip flop pillow last year. I made one for a teacher gift and never finished the one for me. Oops. The classroom last year was a beach theme and her teacher was known for her flip flops. Year round. Even in the winter. Brr. Goodness. I'll assume she didn't wear them outside in the winter. My mind just can't go there since it is 4 degrees right now.

  11. YAY! What a fun list! I wish you luck and happy sewing! :)

  12. That is a big list, but some fab quilts on there! Judging by your finished quilts, i'd say you'll burn through this list!

  13. Wow - such a great (big) list of wonderful projects! Good luck getting through them :-) I'm sure the pattern designing will keep you motivated (and it looks like you got HEAPS done last quarter).

  14. Your pattern and fabric choices are wonderful!

  15. You amaze me! What a list!! I cannot wait to follow your quarter… Gorgeous stuff here.

  16. An amazing list as usual, but I reckon you'll get close. 12 finished quilts last quarter! Umm, some of those new patterns I'm feeling particularly keen on, especially since you've used two fabric lines I WANT, Daysail and PKM Garden.

  17. Oh, dear. I think I need a nap after reading your list of proposed finishes! You go, girl! I homeschool, too, and how you do all that quilting in addition is a mystery to me! My kids are 8th grade and up, so most of their work is independent. I thought I sewed a lot, but you take the cake! I'm thinking you must be much more organized than I am and don't spend so much time on the computer, but maybe you don't sleep?!? :)

  18. I cannot believe how many quilts you can get done! Amazing! Just a question - what is that too cute little girl fabric in the Simple Life Dottie #1? It is adorable. Your fabric choices are always exactly what I would love.


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