26 January 2015

Make-A-List, Make-A-Palette Monday

Last week was BUSY! Phew. Let's check the list:
  • Finish Secret Weekender Project - done, blogging it when she gets it
  • Finish Folklore Catching Rays - finished, blogging it this Friday (as a new pattern release!)
  • Cut Pam Kitty Garden Flower and sew - cut now!
  • Quilt Folklore Catching Rays and PK Garden Flower - Quilted Folklore Catching Rays, but didn't get the other finished, so I quilted something else
  • Bind and blog Flower Sugar Economy Blocks quilt - done, blogged here
  • Cut Idaho quilts #1 & #2 - all cut out and ready to sew!
As for this week, Here's what's planned:
  • Finish Pam Kitty Garden quilt
  • Quilt Sunkissed Grannies
  • Bind and blog Apple of My Eye Hexies 
  • Blog Folklore Catching Rays quilt and pattern
My palette this week might be a little early, but I'm craving spring time. I'm loving the palette.

1 comment:

  1. Phew is right!! That’s a ton that you checked off the list! I love your palette! Due to WinterStormJuno and germs in the house… I missed Make-A-Palette Monday… but I’ll be raring to go next week! :)


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