09 February 2015

Make-A-List Color Monday: Valentine's Edition

Being flexible is really important, especially when it involves family, quilting, and crashed hard drives.

All is well (thank goodness for a brilliant husband who can fix anything). But plans changed midweek, and we're flexible, so we just went with it.

But I'll go over my list anyway.

  • Finish Pam Kitty Garden quilt and quilt it! - finished, but not quilted
  • Quilt and blog Sunkissed Grannies - didn't get to quilt this past week
  • Finish Valentine's pillow - done!
  • Finish Catching Rays Maxi flimsy - done!
  • Start Fresh Air quilt top - started and finished!
All good things, all good things. And I made one more thing, just for Valentine's Day: I took my Make It Do pattern and swapped out the Economy block center for a heart. I'm thinking she should be a throw pillow. She finishes at 20" square.

If you'd like the pattern for the block, you can get it here. To make the heart center, just follow the instructions for the 4" finished block over at Cluck Cluck Sew. I just made the heart from the background and used my print squares around it. Such fun little hearts, aren't they?

And now, for this week. It all depends on our tax return showing up, but here's hoping!
  • Quilt Pam Kitty Garden
  • Quilt and blog Sunkissed Grannies
  • Finish Tulip Pillow for my MIL
  • Cut Flower Maxi, Cat quilt (for my aunt), and Fresh Air Maxi
How's about some color this week? It's almost Valentine's Day, and I'm making macarons this year. And eclairs.

And I'm SO excited to share that Play Crafts now let's you choose between Bella solid colors and Kona solid colors. Love it!

Link up! Tell your love story. Mine actually involves Chocolat (the movie), bread, Maxfield Parrish and a motorcycle. It's a great story! What shall we do next week?


  1. What a great block! Hope your week improves, m'dear :)

  2. Fabulous- all the way around. Quilt, fabrics and oh-most-definitely desserts!

  3. Love your future pillow! Send some goodies my way, please!

    My love story doesn't sound as interesting. We met at church, but he did forget my name once or twice in the beginning.

  4. Love the block! Love the palettes! And... love that I'm not the only one who has weeks that go sideways! :)

  5. I'm interested in you link party, but I'm not sure what type of post to write and what the color swatch thing is about? Thanks

  6. Your story sounds fascinating - I love the movie Chocolat. Gorgeous to watch.


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