02 March 2015

Make-a-List Color Mondays

Happiest of Mondays to you all!

Okay, let me just tell you that last week was a super fantastic week. For one big reason.

My husband, who graduated from law school last May, finally got a job. So stinkin' excited over here, I just can't tell you. Trials are wonderful things, and I'm grateful for the learning experience all those months were, but I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

But the job is a game changer for us. We'll have to move. So I'm switching from quilt finishing to flimsy finishing. Because this girl is getting a longarm out of this deal. Yep. So I'll just hold off on quilting most things until after the move. Which might be a while, depending on housing options. 

Okay, but let's do lists!
  • Quilt and bind Catching Rays Maxi - done! Blogging later with the Maxi Quilt Revolution pattern release 
  • Quilt and bind Glamping Trips quilt - done, and blogging tomorrow
  • Finish Fresh Air Maxi flimsy - done and here's the sneak peak
A photo posted by Jennie (@porchswingquilts) on
  • Finish piecing Flower Maxi flimsy - almost done, but I got distracted by the new job prep!

I've also got my newest pattern, Flower, on sale until Friday for $5. She's kind of my favorite. Check out the pattern store!

Now, for this week, life is super crazy. Gotta get the husband outfitted and ready for the new job. He's heading out on Saturday, so we've got some family time to get it. So here's my list for this week:
  • Finish that Flower Maxi Flimsy
  • Bake one gorgeous German Chocolate Cake for the birthday man
  • Go shooting with the family
  • Go bowling with the family
  • Cut kitty quilt for my aunt
  • Clean and organize my sewing room
I know. It's not that thrilling. But it's what I'm doing this week. I've still got some finishes to post this week, so there will still be pretty pictures. But my family comes first, always, but most especially this week.

And now, for my palette! Since Seattle is going to be home, I thought it would be fun to do a "Home" theme. Now, it does not, obviously, have to be your current home. Home, for me, is where my family is. So I'll be split between Boise and Seattle until we're all together again.

Not all grey skies and rain! I'm excited for this new adventure, and now it's time to get things packed up.

Link up your definition of "Home." And have a wonderful week!


  1. WOW!!! That is *quite* an awesome week!! Congrats to you all!! Exciting times ahead, that's for sure.

    I love your image of "home" ... and the palette! So, so pretty.

  2. Oh wow! Moving is exciting and scary all at the same time! I've had to move numerous times for hubby's job so I know how you feel. Congrats on the new job and I'm sure it will all be a big new adventure. Seattle is meant to be great (not that I've been there!), but hey, I've seen Sleepless in Seattle!! Love your new quilt and love Flower - gorgeous! Can't wait to see the Glamping quilt too. All the best!

  3. Congratulations! I know what a relief that job is! You'll love Seattle!


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