03 March 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Glamping Trips

Before I get to the quilt, just wanted to remind you that my Flower pattern is still on sale through Friday. Get your copy in my Craftsy shop.

I've already introduced you to my Glamping obsession. Here's installment #3. The patchwork Weekender bag is here, and the hexagon quilt is here. And it's not completely over.

I actually just used scrap strips from my hexagon cutting-fest when I prepped for my Glamping Hexie quilt. Used the Scrappy Trip tutorial with a lot of white in there and just went to town. Several borders later, I've got a quilt my daughters can fight over on camping trips. Or maybe one of them will get the big hexie quilt that still needs finishing.

Backed this girl in my favorite red daisy print from the line. Seriously, I want to make a dress out of this fabric. For me. True story.

And my two favorite little squares.

Checking her off the 1QFAL list.


  1. A dress from the red daisy print would be fantastic! I say go for it! Be yourself!

  2. This one is fantastic! I love the borders and happy colors. I would fight over it too. Great job!

  3. Beautiful! Another great finish. The borders are lots of fun.

  4. Oh wow, I love it! So, so, so , so much! And yes, a red 1950s dress - gorgeous!

  5. This quilt is so cheery and yummy, I just love it. I also like glamping but never got it. My favorite fabric I love is a print from Posy. I treasure that one. What pattern is this? It's a wonderful sprint quilt!!

  6. I love this SO much I ordered a jelly roll of Glamping from Etsy! Now I need to find the pattern. I know its all over the internet but can you direct me to where you found yours, please? I am not sure how much white I need. Thank you Jennie.

  7. The fabrics are so fresh! Beautiful

  8. Hi Jennie! This is adorable! I can understand why you love these Fabrics and with fresh white they make gorgeus quilt! Beautiful design with the borders like that. x Teje

  9. Sunshine and brightness! Such a hopeful quilt ... love it, Jennie. I love your quilting :)


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