11 May 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Fascinating!

What a fun week last week! Let's recap:
  • Finish Oh Cherry Oh pillow - done and blogged here
  • Finish my Temple Bag - not done, but getting started this week
  • Finish my Ruby Granny Square Quilt (just adding borders) - done and blogged here
  • Cut and sew 80s/90s Sew Together Bag
  • Cut and sew Needlebook - had to order some fabric, so on hold!
  • Cut and sew Giraffe Pouches

And now, for this week:
  • Finish Zebra throw pillow
  • Sew Cherry Pillow Shams
  • Sew Flower Sugar Shams
  • Sew Wee Wander Shams (I'm noticing a shammy trend here!)
  • Quilt day: Quilt Simple Life Dottie #1 and Too Cute to Spook quilts
  • Bind quilts
As for color palettes, I just found some fascinating pictures and made a palette with them. 

What about you? What color palettes are fascinating you at the moment?

1 comment:

  1. You reminded me a few weeks ago of how gorgeous the National Geographic photos are. And they are always fascinating. Loved your cherry pillow.


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