25 May 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Memorial Day

Let's just go over that crazy, what-was-I-thinking list from last week (and what I did instead!):
  • Sew 27 Flowering Snowball Blocks (I need 81, and I've got 14 so far) - I'm up to 26. Here's a progress shot:
  • Finish the 80s Sew Together Bag for a swap - done, blogging this week
  • Cut and sew a Geometric Bliss Needlebook for a swap (gotta ship on the 1st!) - almost done with four of them!
  • Cut and sew panels for two weekender bags - saw The Avengers instead (date with the husband!)
  • And sew together my Flower Sugar pillow shams  - done and ready to quilt
So here are my plans for this week:
  • Finish those dang Needlebooks!
  • Weekender bags, now that I've seen The Avengers
  • And more Flowering Snowball blocks
Now, for the color palettes this week.

I'm a true-blue, dyed in the wool, proud to be an American (singing with Lee Greenwood right now in my head) kind of girl. Both my grandfathers were U.S. Marines. Two of my brothers were U.S. Marines, and my husband was U.S. Air Force. Memorial day is a special day for our family. 

So I chose Memorial Day as the theme for our color palettes. I recognize that not all of you who play along are from the U.S., but that's okay. I hope you love your country, wherever that his. And here's the spot to show it! After you watch Ray Charles sing my favorite patriotic song. Well, one of them. I have lots.

This awesome Marine Sniper is my baby brother. Kinda love this kid a lot.

My favorite flag.

Check this one out: Amber waves of grain, Purple mountains majesty AND from sea to shining sea!

Happy Memorial Day y'all. Link on up!


  1. The Snowballs look amazing so far - that will be one special quilt!
    God bless your baby brother (and all the rest of your family!) for serving their country. Bet he never thought being a Marine would get him featured on a quilting colour palette!

  2. Nice palettes, Jennie! And the flowering snowballs are just adorable. I'm so intimidated by curved quilting. Well done as always!


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