18 May 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Strawberries!

Totally played catch up last week! Never got ahead, so let's just not dwell on what I said I would do, shall we?

I confess to getting a bit distracted by something I'd cut out ages ago. And now I'm neck deep in Flowering Snowball blocks and I can't stop! So here's my list for this week:
  • Sew 27 Flowering Snowball Blocks (I need 81, and I've got 14 so far)
  • Finish the 80s Sew Together Bag for a swap
  • Cut and sew a Geometric Bliss Needlebook for a swap (gotta ship on the 1st!)
  • Cut and sew panels for two weekender bags
  • And sew together my Flower Sugar pillow shams
That's all. I know, right? Not much, but my sweetheart gets into town Thursday night and we're going to be a busy little family this holiday weekend. I'm going to trim and press blocks, but mostly, we're just going to spend time together.

And now, color palettes. Next week will be Memorial Day themed palettes, but for now, I feel like strawberries. Especially strawberry tarts.


  1. Seems like enough to me! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Gorgeous colours, Jennie, I love strawberries. Best you get cracking with those snowball blocks! Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend :)

  3. "That's all"?! I feel like that's a LOT! :) Maybe because the phrases "sew together" and "weekender" totally intimidate me... HA!

    Hoping to link up a palette tomorrow! I miss playing along!


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