01 June 2015

Make-A-List Color Mondays: Summer Sippin'

Hi there!

Boy howdy was last week crazy! And this week is even worse. But I'm determined to accomplish a few things.

Last week:
  • Finish those dang Needlebooks! - done and blogged here
  • Weekender bags, now that I've seen The Avengers - started cutting them, and I've pieced some of the panels
  • And more Flowering Snowball blocks - I've added several more, but I've got a lot to go
And for the craziness this week, I offer this list:
  • Prep for quilting class: I'm teaching them about HSTs, Scrappy Trip blocks, and Disappearing 4-patch blocks. It's going to be fun!
  • Work on Weekenders - hopefully finish out bags at least
  • More Flowering Snowball blocks - maybe even finish them
And that's it, because I've got three medical appointments for me, my boys are going to the dentist, the class to teach, and cub scout day camp for my oldest son. And life. Life is busy!

I thought it would be fun to do a summer sippin' theme. And my favorite thing to drink in the summertime is strawberry lemonade. 

Or an awesome cherry limeade. 

What about you? What do you like to sip on in the summertime? 

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1 comment:

  1. Love some Cherry Limeade too and what a fantastic palette! Thanks to you I'm finally coming to a comfortable relationship with lipstick red. In quilts of course... not on me....


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