11 August 2015

Fabric Tuesday: Iron Man Basket and Zipper Pouches

My youngest son turns six on Friday, and he's been counting down the days for months. Seriously. He's more than a little excited about his birthday.

At our house, you get Legos. No more other toys that get broken and lost and become useless. It's all about the Legos around here. And he's getting some. But you also get at least one handmade gift from mom or dad, and I thought he'd like a basket for his bed. To put "stuff" in. Most likely books.

He's currently a HUGE fan of the Hulk, but no Hulk fabric, so I went with his second favorite: Iron Man.

I used the One Hour Basket tutorial (free on Craftsy) by Hearts and Bees. Super simple, y'all. Probably less than one hour!

And then there was leftover Iron Man fabric, so I made him two Open Wide pouches (smallest size) for his cash. And slipped some cash in one, treats in the other.

I know I said I'd make him a messenger bag, but he never liked any of the patterns I showed him. So a basket it is.

Checking this one off the 3QFAL list.


  1. The pigeon! The Pigeon! I see the pigeon! (ahem, sorry. We're still in that bubble round here....)

  2. Very cool! My boys are super into their one hour baskets for all their "stuff" too!

  3. Ah, a good Marvel boy with a good August birthday. ;) I made my first One Hour Basket in 49 minutes. (Yes, I timed it. Did you doubt that?) And I think I need to make some for the boys. Like for all the Legos I'm stepping on.

  4. As the mother of two boys, ages 6 & 7, I think your basket and pouches are awesome! (We also try to do the handmade gift on birthdays - super special!)

  5. I'm sure your son will love these handmade gifts. Great work!


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