10 August 2015

Make-A-List Monday: Mini week!

Yikes! Looking back, I have totally neglected my Monday posts. Must have been the surgery and recovery.

But I'm back, with ambition! I've actually been able to get things done, I just haven't blogged my list.

See these pretties I made? Needed some "thank you" gifts for all the wonderful girls and women who helped me out during my recovery.

The girls get the Snappy Mani cases, complete with one nail polish and a manicure kit. The ladies get a dumpling with some lotion and hand sanitizer from the Body Shop. Hope they like them!

This week's list:

  • Cut and sew a bag for the Paris Swap on Instagram
  • Prep for a quilting day!
  • Cut and start sewing Four Patch Star, a new quilt pattern
  • Cut Macarons, a new quilt pattern as well
That's it. That's plenty. With a husband coming home for the weekend, a little boy's birthday to celebrate with grandparents also coming to town for the weekend, it's going to be a busy time around here. 


  1. Those are so cute! What a nice "thank you" gift idea; I think might try to make these for Christmas gifts for my coworkers! Glad to hear that you are on the mend, too :)

  2. Hi Jennie! It's sure they all will love these! Both pouches are really beautiful! Hope you are well now. x Teje

  3. Glad to hear you are on the mend!! And I ADORE these thank you gifts! You've inspired me!


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