18 December 2015

Friday Finish: Another Christmas Tree Mini

I haven't been a Christmas angel in, well, I think ever actually. It was fun to step in and create this mini for a woman who generously made something and then her own partner flaked. Flakers, karma is going to get you one of these days.

Just a simple little Christmas tree made with Kate Spain's Jingle fabric. Hope she likes it!


  1. Very sweet! I love your quilting also. I'm sure that the recipient will love it.


  2. Thank you for being a wonderful angel! I've completely stopped swapping due to the number of flakes. Your tree is sweet!

  3. It's just gorgeous Jennie, & karma will get you too - for being a wonderful Angel & creating such a fun Festive piece!

  4. Oh, that's adorable!! I just love it. GORGEOUS.

  5. This is so clever and cute.


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