19 February 2018

Tiptoe QAL: Hit the Pause

Important announcement too. Thanks to Abby, I have a fix for you. Those long leaf sections (HRT on top of HST) aren't coming out to the right size. I failed to put in the pattern (I'm so so sorry!) that you need to trim those HSTs to 3" once you've made them. And the HRTs (the long ones anyway) should be trimmed to 3x7". So sorry for the confusion. That should give you the right size and it will all fit together beautifully.

Time to play catch up!

These tulips are a lot of work, right?

Who needs a chance to catch up, besides me? Or is everyone doing a table runner and thinks I'm a lazy schlub? Or a crazy lazy schlub?

I declare this week the week to finish all the blocks.

But here's one fun idea for those who are finished. You know those leftover teeny HSTs from the bottom corners of the tulips?

They would be cute little butterflies wouldn't they?

What do you think of these ones?

Or these ones? Quarter square triangles anyone?

And just to prove what a nerd I am, I did look it up and butterflies really aren't attracted to tulips. But I hope you'll forgive me, because I like the idea of using those teeny HSTs for something this cute.

Have a wonderful week - we had snow yesterday. In Western Washington. Yuck. Now I have glorious sunshine and cold cold wind. I'll be inside sewing if anyone needs me!

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  1. Every time I see this it goes onto my list of things to do - I love it!! And I love the idea of the wee butterflies too.


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