11 December 2012

Fabric Tuesday: Santa's Sweatshop

I love Christmas.

I just don't love how I make these last minute gift decisions. Talk about deadline sewing.

Throw into the mix one law student with finals, 4 sick babies and counting, 1 sick me and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Still, this is what I've got done so far:

One passport wallet, one oval box bag make-up bag and two dumplings. The oval box bag tutorial is found here. The dumplings are here. These were all just for practice. I'll make the "real" ones tomorrow. I'll use brighter zippers on the dumplings next time so there's some more color. Still, they are so cute. My oldest won't mind if she gets the guinea pigs! Not too shabby.

Until I look at what I've got left to make:
  1. 3 library bags - these will be ridiculously easy once the fabric arrives, and the last of the "shipping out" gifts
  2. 2 kindle covers
  3. 5 different softies for my babies - not so ridiculously easy
  4. jammies for the law student - cut out, just need the thread
  5. 7 new stockings - oh my, this is insane
  6. 5 dragon softies
  7. 5 sets of dragon wings - my law student needs to draw out the wings for me
  8. A zippy wallet for my husband - his design, my construction
  9. And a partridge in a pear tree
Oh, and did I mention that we're hosting a Christmas donut fry on Friday night? Or I'm in the midst of a bunch of major dental work? Good times around here! And I still have Christmas goodies to make. I really need to plan better next year. Right. If only.

Yep. I'm nuts. Thankfully, the last final is tomorrow and then I'll get plenty of sewing time.


  1. Hats of to you! Super mom indeed.

  2. Love these!!! I've been wanting to try the dumpling pattern!

  3. Seriously Jennie?! It's official ... You're nuts - LOL but ever so inspiring :)

  4. Those dumplings are adorable--making up a couple for the teachers in our lives. Thanks for sharing!


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