02 October 2017

Patchwork Stockings Pattern is READY!!!

My Patchwork Stockings pattern is written and available in my Craftsy Shop!

I designed these stockings for my family after I looked and looked for a pattern I loved. Couldn't find just what I wanted, so I created it instead. I wanted big, fat stockings, but not too wide at the top. And I wanted to have lots of different design options so they matched but weren't identical.

Now I made seven at once, so I made them all in one big quilt sandwich. But the pattern is written for just one stocking. But I hope to see lots of them out there! The beauty of this pattern is that you can customize it any way you like: I use 3" finished HSTs, but you could change that up entirely, as I give the final stocking dimensions. You could even do one cute little 6" block of Santa, or a wreath, or a candy cane. The possibilities are endless.

Don't let the curves scare you. No big deal. Just clip them, turn them out, and press them. 

 I created a Pinterest board of a huge selection of fonts to choose from. It's not exhaustive (what on Pinterest is?), but there are a lot of fun ones.

Hope you love my latest pattern! As always, I'd love to hear what you think of it!


  1. LOVE the variety you created for your mantle!! Best of luck with your pattern sales.

  2. Who wouldn't love this pattern? It looks pretty awesome on that Christmas sign. I'll assume that you embroidered the names by hand, and if so, wow! what a beautiful job. The blocks appear much smaller than 3" finished but I'm guessing that the stockings are a generous size and the riot of patterns all add to the illusion. How fun match them all without having to make everyone exactly alike. So beautiful!

  3. Love these! What are the finished dimensions? I want to make sure they're big enough to stuff :)

  4. Love these! Can you tell me the finished dimensions? Thanks!

  5. Can you tell us what font you used? I love how it looks. Thanks!

  6. Can you tell us what font you used?

  7. Hi - I hope this isn't a repeat but I keep trying to add a comment and it doesn't seem to be working. Maybe three's a charm! Anyway, I would like to know the dimensions of the finished stocking, as well as the font you used to embroider the names. These are so cute - I want to buy the pattern but want to make sure they are the right size. Thanks!

  8. I wish I could get it some other way. I don’t have paypal


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