21 August 2020

The Last Five Quilts

Hey y'all! Here are the last five I quilted in Boise and finished up here at home. Phew. We've got some fort building to do!

Fabric: Charlotte by Tanya Whelan
Pattern: inspired by Gingersnap by Corey Yoder, but I made the blocks bigger, because, well, you know me!
Finished Size: 92x92

Fabric: Flower Sugar (one of them)
Pattern: Scratch pattern from Schnibbles Times Two
Finished Size: 82x94

Fabric: a Riley Blake Halloween line, plus ginghams and stripes and polka dots
Pattern: no pattern - I just cut giant hexies with my AccuQuilt Go cutter
Finished Size: so huge! King Sized, lets just leave it there

Fabric: Feed Co. by Sweetwater
Pattern: the scrappy trip tutorial
Finished Size: 96x96

Fabric: Pam Kitty Garden
Pattern: Scratch pattern from Schnibbles Times Two
Finished Size: 96x96

18 June 2020

20 Hours, 10 Quilts

Yep. 20 hours, 10 quilts. My legs are killing me. But I'm so so so happy to have them quilted. It took me a week to bind them all once I got home, but now we've got some serious fort building material.

Just a note: I'm a one trick pony on the longarm (at least when I'm paying for the time I spend there). I do loops. That's what I do. My mission was to get these quilts done, not do anything fancy. My amazingly talented sister-in-law has a Gammill and she can do the most beautiful custom quilts. But I figure these quilts are going to be loved and used and not hung on the wall or put on a guest room bed. So I'm happy with my edge to edge loops.

Here are the first five I've finished, binding and all:

Fabric: Lulu Lane by Corey Yoder
Pattern: Cakewalk by Camille Roskelley 
Finished size: 84x96 (because I made it bigger)

 Fabric: All Weather Friend by April Rosenthal
Pattern: Patchwork Flower by ME!
Finished size: 90x90

Fabric: Fresh Cut by Basic Grey
Pattern: inspired by Smattering by Corey Yoder
Finished size: 91x91

Fabric: Prairie by Corey Yoder
Pattern: Scratch from this book
Finished size: 68x78

Fabric: Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille
Pattern: Tree Trimming Party by ME
Finished size: 85x92

Five more to bind and finish! By this weekend (it really helps to make your binding ahead of time!).

31 May 2020

Mama's gone quiltin'!

I've been in Washington state for over 3 years now. I love my state. I love the green trees. I love the mild weather. I love love love the rain. I love my house.

What I don't love? There isn't a place for me to longarm my quilts. The closest place is about an hour away and it's way more expensive than my favorite shop in Idaho. So I haven't finished a whole lot of quilts in the last three years.

That's all about to change! The husband is headed to Idaho for a 3-gun match (just google it if you don't know - I don't want to 'splain), and my parents are going to come stay with my kids, which means I get to go quiltin'!

And my list is a long one! Here's what I'm taking to get done (3 days of quilting):

Feed Co. Scrappy Trip

Prairie Scratch

Halloween Hexies

Lulu Cakewalk

Tree Trimming Party

Pam Kitty Garden Scratch

Charlotte Gingersnap

Flower Sugar Scratch

Fresh Cut Smattering

Marmalade Lucky

So, ya think I can get them all done?

23 July 2018

Make-A-List-Monday: Recovery Week!

Morning everyone!

I spent last week cooking for about 80 people at our church's girls camp. 3 meals a day, plus evening treats. I'm dog tired. Feel like I've been hit by a truck or something. But I got in a couple of great naps since I've been home, and I'm feeling much better.

And I miss my sewing machine! I took it with me, thinking I would have time and space to do something. And I would have, only I decided to sear four fingers on my left hand (some gorgeous blisters, let me tell you) right before we were to serve Tuesday night's dinner. I had lovely little sausage fingers, all bandaged up. So no sewing or cutting for me (I'm left handed!). All healed up now, so I'm raring to go this week.

Here's what I've got planned:

  • Sew up the extra dumplings I cut (I made dumplings for the jr. staff girls and they loved them and I cut out extras before I left - my youngest daughter has claimed them all)
  • Quilting time on Friday!
  • Work on my latest Christmas quilt - sewing, trimming, pressing
  • Cut out some gifts - zippy pouches, egg aprons, grocery bags - I've got some thank you gifts to make!
How about you? What are your plans?

And just to avoid a picture-less blog post, here's something beautiful:

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie! Made by me, with strawberries and rhubarb from my garden. My first, but not my last!

10 July 2018

Christmas in July quilts - and a BOGO!

My apologies on the giant strawberry. I'm still working on it. Never fear - it's close to being done!

In the meantime, I thought I'd do up most of my patterns in some of the new Christmas lines that are out, or coming out, this year. Enjoy! And I'm having a Christmas in July sale - it's a BOGO - buy one, then message me (right over at the top of the side bar) the one you want for free and I'll send it to you! Just be sure to use the same e-mail as your Craftsy account.

This is my newest pattern, Blockin' Around the Christmas Tree. I'm making it up in Vintage Holiday (Moda), so here's a mock-up.

Christmas trees in Christmas Figs (Moda). Seriously LOVE this line. The truck is a separate pattern, and I can give you some hints on how to make the house.

Make it Do, my very first pattern, all decked out in Good Tidings (Moda).
 Catching Rays, the maxi version, looks kind of fabulous in Hearthside Holiday (Moda).

Flying Fours works really well with Overnight Delivery (Moda).

Flower with Reindeer Run (Craftsy fabric!). I'm thinking this one belongs in my collection!

Chain of Fours looks great as a Quilt of Valor, but I'm also loving it in Sno (Moda).

Four Squared was fun to make in summer colors, but I'm swooning over this Swell Christmas version (Moda).

And last but not least, Taffy made with The North Pole (Moda).

So what about you? Are you a Christmas in July crafter? I certainly am this year!

And I'd love to see stockings made up in one of these lines. Or all of them!

02 July 2018

Make-A-Big-List Monday: 3QFAL!

21 Club

Autumn Shortcake, the big version

Backyard Bugs

Wonder Woman purse

Egg apron #1

Egg apron #2

Cake Mix QOV

Christmas Taffy

Feed Co. Weekender - need photo

I Love Lucy Churn Dash

Marmalade Lucky

Pam Kitty Garden Scratch

Train Case

Prairie Scratch

Skagit Tulip Field

Another Dress for my youngest

Fresh Air Maxi - need photo

Happy Go Lucky On a Whim

Halloween Hexies

Autumn Shortcake #2

Happy Go Lucky Basketweave

25 June 2018

Make-A-List Monday: Summer Sewing!

I've got a busy week (when is it not a busy week?), but I'm determined to get some regular sewing time. Last week was a bit too much as far as peopling, so I'm dialing it back this week. Going to hunker down, watch movies, and sew my little heart out.

Projects I'm working on:
  • Red gingham dress for my youngest - seriously, I want one just like it!
  • PK Garden Scratch
  • Quilting Day on Friday - I'll be quilting my 21 Club quilt and my Autumn Shortcake quilt

I'm also working on a few patterns, the giant strawberry especially. I'm thinking I need to title it "Jennie and the Giant Strawberry" or is that a bit too much? If you only knew how much I loved strawberries . . . 

Have a lovely week!

23 June 2018

Spelling Bee Saturday: #5

Morning! Happy Saturday! I've got lots of gardening things on my list for today, but I'm sharing my #5 for Spelling Bee Saturday.

I'm thinking of making a wall quilt that says 2+5 = *heart* 2 parents, 5 kids, lots of love?

Is that cheesy? Because cheesy and I get along really well.

I'm off to pick pie cherries all day. And bake a pie tonight! Have a great weekend!