Color Mondays

Color Mondays are my weekly color palette feature. We started with the rainbow, and now we'll play with some themes. We build our palettes by using the Palette Builder at Play Crafts

Here's how to play:
1. Choose a photo, either one of your own, or find one on the internet. Save it to your desktop.
2. Head on over to the Palette Builder (click the linky up there!).
3. Upload your picture.
4. Start moving the little circles around until you have a palette you are happy with. You can add more (up to 10) colors
5. Be sure to choose your solids - Kona or Bella. I'll tell you right now, Kona has a better range of colors. I lobbied for the Bella for a long time with the Palette Builder, but now that it's there, I'm much happier with the Kona matches. But give both a try.
6. Before you save, be sure to check the box that says "save matches with palette." This will save your color names with your palette.
7. Save it, blog it, link it, done!

It's a ton of fun, and a way to discover a fabric palette you might not have chosen in a store. I know it has for me!

So show up on Monday with your palette and play. Here are some of my favorites thus far (links will take you to the original blog post - either mine, or the other bloggers who play along).


  1. Wow, the palette builder is SO much fun! I will be joining in next week with Colour Mondays, after I have played around with a thousand images!

  2. I publish an article every Thursday on designing colour schemes that help quilters develop an intuitive approach to colour. I wrote a piece on digital colour palettes and will add you link-up to the inspiration section - looks like great fun!


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