01 April 2014

Fabric Tuesday: Scrumptious Scraps

I know my blog posts must be boring everyone to tears when I'm even bored by them. No pictures? Isn't that breaking a million blogging rules? I mean, not even a bad lighting, cat-in-the-middle-of-the-quilt-and-my-mismatched-socks at the edge of the photo kind of pictures. Pretty sad, y'all.

So I'm fixing that. Today. Right now. I need to blog the process more. Not just the finishes (because let's face it, they just aren't happening right now!). Nope. The middle of it all stuff.

Here's what I'm playing with today:

I think this one will by my throw pillow.

The pinwheels are scraps from my Swoon quilt (gotta love leftover HSTs!). I have enough to make two pillow shams for my bed, and it sorta makes me giddy. The big question is this: to sash or not to sash?

I'm leaning towards sashing. Thoughts?

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  1. I like sashing. It defines the pinwheels. :)

  2. Don't you feel extra productive when you use scraps in another project! It makes me feel super organised even if I just trim them in case I need them for something else haha

  3. Jenny, I love those blocks and I'm almost mad at you!!!! I saw the blocks in the first picture in a tutorial on Red Pepper Quilts last night and thought "I want to make that" and got home and saw you're ahead of the game!!! Beautiful job.


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