08 April 2014

Make a BIG List Tuesday: 2QFAL

In the off-chance that I score some serious quilting time, I figured I'd better put it all on the list. Especially the finished flimsies. I've negotiated a trade with the law student. He takes one Saturday a month for a three-gun shoot, so I figured I'd ask for an equal amount of quilting time (not necessarily on a Saturday). Sounds great, right?

And so, I give you the monster, mother of a list! In alphabetical order, no less. I know. Be impressed.

Alpine Wonderland – READY TO QUILT

Apple of My Eye Hexies – NEEDS BACK

Arkansas Traveler Do Good Stitches quilt

Backyard Bugs patchwork

Big Glamping Hexies – NEEDS BACK

Blooming Lovely Open Season – READY TO QUILT

Christmas Gift Bags - cut these out this weekend, but I need white for the lining of them all

Delft Blue Dutch Pinwheels - READY TO QUILT

Easy as Cake – READY TO QUILT

Enchanted Forest Hot Cross - figure out what I want for the Xs, then piece it and quilt it (already have the back for it!)

Flower Sugar Economy Block quilt

Glamping Trips – NEEDS BACK

Gypsy Girl Scrappy Pillow for my daughter


HGL Niner

HGL Nines and Snowballs – NEEDS  BACK


HGL Touch of Whimsy

HS Wagon Wheels – READY TO QUILT

HS Nine Patch – just a couple more borders and she's ready

I Love Lucy Churn Dash – NEEDS BACK

Lucy’s Triangles – READY TO QUILT

Lucy’s Crab Shack Weekender

Mama Said Sew D4 – NEEDS BACK

Oh Cherry Oh Stripey HSTs

PKM Dresdens

Posy Jewel Box - NEEDS A BACK


Quite Contrary Kaleidoscope – NEEDS BACK

Ready Set Snow Matchbox – READY TO QUILT

Red Polka Dot chair

Ruby Grannies – NEEDS BACK

Scrumptious Scrappy Trip – READY TO QUILT

Scrumptious Swoon – READY TO QUILT

Scrumptious Pinwheel shams

Scrumptious Kaleidoscope pillow

Sew Cherry Grannies – READY TO QUILT

Simple Life Dottie #1 – NEEDS BACK
Simple Life dottie #2 – NEEDS BACK

Small Glamping Hexies – READY TO QUILT

Spider Web quilt – READY TO QUILT

Strawberry Fields Shortcake

Sunkissed Grannies – READY TO QUILT

Too Cute to Spook Hexies – NEEDS BACK

X-Plus Do good Stitches quilt


  1. I am exhausted just viewing all those beauties!!!!

  2. Alphabetical order? Show off. ;)

  3. That is entirely too many things to quilt!!! You are making me feel better about my stack for sure :) Well, all I can say is get on it!

  4. wow, that is quite the list! good luck with it :) btw, I saw you featured over on Quilt Story - congrats :)

  5. That is a huge list!!!!! And I think I know why I keep wanting to make the same design as you---because you have made every possible quilt in the world!!!!!! Beautiful, all of them. If you need to get any off your hands let me know;)

  6. Wow! I hope you get the time that you've negotiated for. I would need several years to even make a dent in this list! Cheers. Jan-Michael

  7. Wow!!!! I can't say Wow! that many times!!!!! But Wow!!!!!! They are all wonderful!!!!!

  8. Omgoodness! That is just too much lovely quilty goodness for one post! Beautiful!

  9. Seriously Jen?!?! Good luck m'dear :)

  10. Five children AND you've made all of those quilt tops ! You are completely amazing.

  11. Wow! This is an impressive list. (I love the alphabetical aspect.) I am sending you lots of wishes for quilting time. Good luck.

  12. I was laughing by the time I got to the bottom. SO many projects! You do beautiful work and I love every one. Amazing hexies. Looking forward to seeing your finishes

  13. Oh I adore your quilt tops! We are so alike. We like the same fabrics, we make beautiful tops that don't get quilted for ages, we fall back in love with quilts once we get them quilted. My husband and I have similar arrangements (disagreements?) about time for our own pursuits. He plays golf every Saturday arvo for six months of the year, six hours I'm alone with the kids. It'll never end up even! He counts my Fridays off work as my time, now that my youngest is at school. I say it's not the same since it's not him that's looking after them. It's my bonus for working part time!

  14. I am floored. Impossible (nearly) to believe that one woman did all that and has a home and children and a hubby and life to do as well.... I am totally impressed !~! Wow, to quote a few commenters above.

  15. Beautiful, beautiful tops, such perfect piecing, so admirable!

    : )


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