14 July 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Red

Hi! Welcome to Color Mondays!

It's a new, fun linky party where you get to play with color. Mondays can be so blah, so boring, so overwhelming, that I thought it might be fun to brighten them up with color.

Here's how it will work:

Each Monday, I'll post the theme and my own take on the theme. You find a picture. You upload it to the Palette Builder tool at Play Crafts. Make a palette you're happy with. Blog it. Link it. Done.

Some weeks we'll do nature scenes. Ocean, sky, flowers, trees, meadows, mountains. Other weeks, we'll do city scapes, or Disney movie stills, or a specific color. Cupcakes. Macarons. Jam jars. Pretty gardens. Dream houses. Living rooms. We're just going to have fun, that's all.

There's no pressure here. Just do it for the fun of it. You might find a palette that you simply must use for your next project. And that's where the fun really comes in! The linky party will stay open all week.

I thought I'd start off with colors. We'll work our way through the rainbow for now, with all sorts of variations in between.

So we'll kick it off with one of my favorite colors: red! Don't hate me, but I totally love that Taylor Swift song.

Speaking of Taylor . . .

I want those shoes.

Red just has to be one component of your palette. Let's see what we come up with, shall we?

Here's another:

And just for fun:

Love me some RDJr. And Iron Man.

Now your turn! Just find a picture (I found mine on Pinterest), upload it to the Palette Builder tool, and start playing. Then blog your palette, and link it up! I'm working on a button (so far, no luck with online tutorials, but I shall persevere!). When it's ready, I'll share it so you can share it.


  1. Man, I was so in until Taylor showed up. :P

  2. I love this because I love Taylor Swift. :)

  3. This is such a great idea - I will definitely be playing along!

  4. I've been playing with that palette builder. I love it. I also noticed her shoes first thing and said I want some!


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