18 August 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Purple

I think we did blue very well, don't you? The ocean was a central theme, and rightly so. Just look at what we got:

Katie's blue palette - love those names: Breakers, Oasis, Alegria. So pretty!

Kirsten's blue palette - see the dolphins? It's amazing that we all did a picture of the ocean and got completely different shades of blue.

And now, for purple. Or violet. Or whatever you want to do.

I really should let my eldest daughter do this one. Purple is her favorite color after all. I struggle with it.

Which is why I did this one. That also included aqua and macarons.

Not too shabby. I actually kind of love it. I've got quilty ideas blazing through my head for this one. How's about this quilt (from Fresh Lemon Quilts):

Now, your turn. Find a purple-liscious picture, save it, upload it to the Palette Builder, play with colors. Then save your picture, blog it and share. And next week will just be a favorite picture, so start thinking!

1 comment:

  1. Really love the purple with the aqua - it would be a stunning combo for a quilt!


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